We provide our clients with well trained and able security personnel/guards in the enforcement of the law & order as regards to our clients guidelines & regulations as it pertains to the access of personnel and goods in /out of the work environment or premises.

The provision of escort/protocol services to important dignitaries and others remains our specialized function. Our staff with extensive close protection experience handle trainings of the personnel we deploy for this special assignment. They are adequately trained to effectively disarm and neutralize any Kidnap or roberry attempt by miscreants who specialize in attacking passengers on overseas flights.

This team handles the following services:

-  Airport Protocol Service.
-  Armed Escort Service.

Our armed escort service spans the entire nation and we regularly provice armed escorts for VIP's and expartriates travelling by road across major anywhere in Nigeria. Our armed escort services are usually customized to suit the client's requirements amd perculiar circumstances.

Our canine teams of professionals are trained to detect drugs, fireworks, ammunition & firearms. Our inspection team also handles on-the-job violators of company policy and offenders are prosecuted with no discriminations whatsoever.

Xceed security services Ltd operates a security guard program to protect your organization’s property and personnel by the provision of able-bodied men/women, who will be vetted and trained to meet the security needs of your organization. All tasks will be carried out according to the instructions outlined in the jointly agreed operational contract agreement.

At Xceed, we put your fleet under your control. We achieve this through our robust car tracking technology. We do this by extracting the necessary data, measure, manage and control the parameters.

Our promises to your organization are highlighted below:

-  Increase employee productivity.
-  Increase driver safety.
-  Improve utilization of the fleet.
-  Better customer service.
-  Reduced paper work and reporting
-  Lower fuel bills.
-  Stop unauthorized vehicle use.
-  Stop pilferage.
-  Expedite stolen vehicle recovery.

Xceed security services objective in vulnerability & risk assessment is to ensure the execution of sound business decision based on our comprehensive reports of risk & vulnerability by our teams of experts creating a risk-free environment for our clients.

At xceed security Ltd, we engage in an open source information system through knowledge of various factors that encourages business intelligence necessary to assist decision making process in an establishment as anticipated by our prospective clients.

We at Xceed security make it our priority to provide you with special event security coverage leaving you with nothing to worry about as to the safety of property and order from external bodies in areas or arrival of guests and disturbance from uninvited parties.

The preliminary training of our guards, which lasts for at least one month, is so intense and quite rigorous, such that only 70% of the total numbers of applicants in a set end up being successful and thereby graduate. Graduating from the training school is not the end of the story. Guards are recalled from time to time for refresher courses. The end product of Xceed training is that the security officers are well trained and versatile security personnel who can stand all relevant tests. We also train various cadres of Security personnel for other security companies.

At xceed security Ltd, our team of professionals investigates occupational fraud and abuse with regards to an organization or industry and is experienced in the areas of:
Fraud statements (financial & non-financial)
Purchase & sales scam